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Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America opened the doors to the Panasonic Innovation Center in 2013 to serve as an incubator for next-generation automotive In-Vehicle Infotainment technologies.


Located in the Centergy One Building on Tech Square at 5th Street

and Spring Street (just across from Barnes & Noble) map, the Innovation Center is an extension of the Panasonic Design Engineering Centers located in Peachtree City, GA and Farmington Hills, MI.


The Panasonic Innovation Center facility offices are designed for easy and open collaboration between the software, electrical, systems and mechanical  groups plus additional support personnel.


Today’s consumers want to stay connected everywhere they go. Because of this, the traditional car radio has evolved into a multi-functional connectivity hub. As a leading supplier of original equipment electronic systems, Panasonic joins with automakers in prioritizing the development of increasingly sophisticated HMI systems.


Creation of such systems requires extensive software development, validation and testing. The Panasonic Innovation Center will offer at least 10 co-op positions a semester to Georgia Tech students allowing them to rotate through all of these various development activities which coincide with their skill set.



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